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Joel Pack is a Producer, songwriter, and artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Joel's passion for recording and producing bands started in 1999 when he founded a mobile recording studio called Aquarius Sound. That passion grew into the founding of Rigby Road Studios in 2009 where Joel helped cultivate the local music community through Rigby Road Studios' full-service music production and recording facility. As a previously signed major-label artist, Joel uses his expertise to provide clients with direction in how to take the next step in their career with a well arranged, produced, and sonically great sounding recording. Joel currently oversees all projects produced at Rigby Road Studios, as well as creates custom music for film, TV, and advertisements.
Jordan Clark is a musician, songwriter, music engineer, and producer with extensive experience in writing, performing, and recording musical works. As a musician, he has performed with a number of musical groups, including Vanladylove (named "#1 Artist on the Verge" at the 2014 New Music Seminar), and has worked diligently as a solo artist. Jordan graduated from Utah Valley University and attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert, AZ. As an engineer, Jordan interned at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, CA, worked for a short time at New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, CA, and worked at Willamette Mountain Studio in American Fork, UT.



"Working with Joel Pack is energizing, his positive vibe is a breath of fresh air. Working with Joel was a very organic experience that really let the music flow. It also helps that he really knows his stuff from being an amazing musician to an amazing engineer with a producers mind. I look forward to working with him again."


"If you're looking for a studio with a first-class producer/arranger/musician, you need look no further! Air Supply is currently recording tracks with Joel, and has been for 2 years now. Listen to I Adore You, and also our new single, Free to Love! Joel is simply the best!!"


"I have used Joel for personal music projects as well as numerous commercial projects and his professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and creativity are second to none. Outside of being a joy to work with, he has kept every project on schedule and on budget. He is the complete package; a proficient songwriter/composer, engineer, and musician."

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Our collection of both vintage and modern instruments and amplifiers are available to all our clients. Just bring your songs! If you are a lefty or have particular gear you like to use, feel free to bring it in or give us a heads up to see if we can accommodate.

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